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© Sofie Coreynen

© Sofie Coreynen

This is the winter of miracle and wonder

At first sight you may think winter comes with nice women wearing victorian dresses and shirts. Yet, if you follow the women leading you up the garden path you will see they are rebellious. Essentiel blends romantic femininity with masculine nonchalance and lets women wear the trousers wide. They tamed wild leopards to an edgy pattern and combine loose jumpers with pleated skirts. 

All prints have been designed exclusively for Essentiel and show a new visual fairytale with amusing details. Can you spot the fox with the broken leg, or the goose’s golden egg? See into the trees and discover pine cones, pheasants, baby booby birds, magic mushrooms, green rabbits … The colourful prints are based on the complex scenes depicted on “toiles de jouy” from the mid 18th century and return in the well-crafted jacquard garments.

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