My heart…

is where it should be.

Born and raised in Limburg, I swiftly put on my seven-league boots at age 25. After a stop of three years in Ghent I now enjoy the quiet life in Zomergem. The silence of the country life inspires me to write and together with my love I give bird watching a serious try.

At my personal writing table I’m Stille Bliksem. I hope to grow as a writer and storyteller by choosing my words very carefully.

Silence is luxurious. I am a fan of words well chosen and love listening to songs and their lyrics. Amen (!) to Nick Cave and his followers. And thank you to all the picture-taking-creatures for the daily dose of inspiration. Each finding gets a special place in my online Wunderkammer. And once in a while, I disappear and lose track of life while watching movies like La meglio gioventù, Reconstruction, Ruby Sparks or Somewhere. But most times, I’m on the way.

Yours truly,