Castles in Spain

 Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

Sometimes, you have to let go. Just like that. And sometimes, you have to hold on (and never let go). Can you recollect a moment it slipped out of your hand? You were not paying attention, weren’t you? So it took off, just like that. Not finger snap fast as you might think. It happened so slowly it stayed unnoticed. Until the moment you really lost it.

We are talking about soul mates and dreams. About solidarity and wild-at-heart-plans. About hope going hand in hand with joy. About a love that cuts so deep, your bliss makes you cry. About people who are breaking your fall. People who truly care.

Sometimes we get out of focus. And when we do so, we can only hope that things are just the same when we return home. Yes, they will have evolved and might appear differently. But deep down, in between childhood memories and dark secrets, that what connected you still might be the same.

And when it is… Embrace this tiny indescribable yet precious thing. Hold it, squeeze it, kiss it. Frequently water it and give it some air. And never lose sight of it for a second time! Never.

Unfortunately, not all stories end wrapped in gold. Tears might become your bedtime lover and regret your wake up call… And when you wake up, do so with whole your heart.