© Ona Smet & Louise Mertens

© Ona Smet & Louise Mertens

© Aaricia Veranda & Louise Mertens

© Aaricia Veranda & Louise Mertens

I embrace the slow, and dance with the hasty

My name is Anne-sophie. I am a stylist and an intuitive thinker. I share my sense of style with designers, brands and people in search of their own style.

In 2011 I graduated as a textile designer. Today I combine my job as a stylist and trend researcher at C&A with freelance projects. My education and work experience make me the ideal sparring partner to a creative team. When gathering trends - make sure you follow my Instagram stories -, creating moodboards and preparing a styling I know exactly what to look for.

Fashion is a kaleidoscope where the bold and gloomy melt together. I embrace the slow, and dance with the hasty. Fashion is ever-present in my life: my eyes are always wide open, even when I’m not working.

As a stylist I lock down the concept and put together the looks but that's not all: I also take care of your model's well-being during the shoot - a happy model is always a delight to photograph.

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