Everyone’s a copywriter. Right?

Our job is to make sure that the voice matches the message.

 Photo: Comme des Garçons 1975-1982

Photo: Comme des Garçons 1975-1982

Copy that has been written on a word document looks completely different to copy, typeset, on an advert. Your copywriter only knows what they’re really working with once they’ve seen the words applied to the creative. 

Copywriters can proofread, but they are not proofreaders. They actually pay people for that, you know. Have you ever written 40,000 words in a day? After word 35,587 — your eyesight has become a bit hazy, words have started to discombobulate on the screen, and you find yourself double-checking simple words you’ve known since you were six years old.

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A certain amount of unhappiness is useful in life; it gives you knowledge of other people’s unhappiness and how not to cause it.

 Photo:  Inez & Vinoodh

And when it’s all done, the book complete, is it hard to function? “You don’t know how to have free time. You don’t how to do that,” she says. “I know Philip Roth quite well, and he would finish a book and start the next the next day. I always thought, ‘What a tragic life, Philip.’” She says this with dry, affectionate humour. “But now I see exactly what he’s talking about. It’s what you do if you have this condition.”

By Sophie Elmhirst. Read the full interview on The Gentlewoman.

Stilte is goud

Een woord is sterker als het ook stil is rond het woord. Als het alleen staat.

 Photo:  Ángela Burón

Het internet heeft de kracht om je verhaal met een druk op de knop voor miljoenen mensen zichtbaar te maken. Storytelling, verhalen, getuigenissen, blogs, … allemaal interessant om te lezen. Maar vind maar eens de tijd om ze te lezen.

Met inhoud en mooie verhalen is op zich niets verkeerd. Het internet blijft een fantastisch medium. Alleen enkel content om de content maakt niemand content. Behalve dan de contentbubble. Want de bubble leeft op lucht.

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Yes, you can start a sentence with and.

There's a persistent myth that you're 'not allowed' to start a sentence with the word and. This is utter rubbish

 Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

Every day, millions of people deny themselves and their readers the innocent pleasures of sentences beginning with and, because of this misguided sense that it's 'wrong'. We're here to say it's OK. You can do it. And everything will be fine.

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The Charles Bukowski Guide to Effective Copywriting: 5 Tips

Bukowski saw beauty in the mundane, depth and meaning in the prosaic.

 Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

Bukowski respected the reader’s imagination. He didn't colour everything in. He let people come to their own conclusions. We enjoy that, after all. We like filling in the gaps for ourselves, using our own images and memories. It's fun.

By Eddie Shleyner. Read the full article on Hubspot.

Why is it so hard for women to be selfish?

Energy is finite, I reasoned, and it takes a lot to do your best work.

 Photo:  Steven Klein

Photo: Steven Klein

I have always believed in adopting a giving attitude toward relationships. Never keep score. Expect the ebb and flow of changing life circumstances. But, especially during life’s most taxing periods, you must get a return on your investment in order to stay sane. As the saying goes, “Givers must set limits, because takers rarely do.”

By Jenna Birch. Read the full article on Vogue.

Meetings — A culture of excess that hurts our productivity and morale


 Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

Back in the days of landline telephones, no computers, and no cell phones, meetings were much more of a necessity. You couldn’t Slack someone in a different building or coordinate an email thread with multiple participants.

In fact, the friction to coordinate a meeting was much higher. You had to schedule in advance, make sure everyone was properly notified, and make sure everyone could attend. There was no Google Calendar to sync invites and reschedule with a push notification.

I don’t want to claim that meetings were necessarily more or less productive back in the pre-tech days, but I can imagine that the opportunity cost and planning cost were much greater.

By Justin Baker. Read the full article on Hackernoon.

Why content is a brilliant catalyst for business transformation

Ultimate success with your content does take time.

 Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

Marketing with valuable content is a long-term business development strategy. There’s no spell that will magic you up success straight away. The journey is a voyage of discovery – it takes deep thinking, tough decisions, investment and hard graft. Enough to stop the faint hearted in their tracks before they step out on the trail.

By Sonja Jefferson. Read the full article on Valuable Content.

What I wish I knew at every age

We invent our own rules and we have control, which is pretty cool if you can orient yourself to it in a healthy way.

 Photo:  Jason Lee Parry

Regrets may be futile, yet there is a particular variety of wisdom that can only be gained in hindsight. As we move through each decade and navigate changes and challenges in our career and personal life, we begin to identify our supposed missteps – big and small. We begin to understand how our own doubts, insecurities, self-limitations or expectations may have been getting in the way all along, and take such insight into the decades ahead of us.

Without such experience, it can be difficult to gain such clarity around what we might be doing wrong or what might be holding us back in our work, side projects, relationships or health. But sometimes the experiences of others can help speed us along.

By Madeleine Dore. Read the full article on 99U.

David Lynch


 Photo:  Derek Hudson

Photo: Derek Hudson

I always say ideas drive the boat. Ideas are a huge, huge blessing. That’s the thing you try to catch – an idea that you fall in love with. Every time that I have made a film that’s not from a book or somebody else’s screenplay, it happens the same way. The whole thing doesn’t come at once, but fragments of things come and these fragments form themselves into a script. You write the idea down and save it until the next idea comes, and little by little the majority of ideas find themselves in a script – which is organized ideas. 

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Haider Ackermann


My creativity used to come from a dark place… When you are young, you are very tormented and very insecure. I never did analyze, I never went to see a shrink and deal with any of that. I should have, but I never did. I’m not all about analyzing. I don't like to dig into things. You don't want to sound like the artist that just goes through pain to be able to produce, but I used to be quite dark — trust me. I used to be quite dark.

By The Talks. Read the full interview on The Talks.