Lien Hereijgers

Jewellery maker specialised in composite jewels.

The details are intentionally slightly robust, which creates a certain quirkiness.

  Visit website  | Photo: Lien Hereijgers

Visit website | Photo: Lien Hereijgers

How we helped: we almost lost track of time during our encounter with Lien. Our shared passion for simplicity and her love for craftsmanship were the perfect combination for a good conversation. Based on our talk and an SEO analysis we wrote down her story, composed new texts for her different collections and fine-tuned her FAQ, both in Dutch and English. 

Essentiel Antwerp

Belgian fashion brand that combines fashion and fun.

This is the winter of miracle and wonder. Essentiel Antwerp’s winter collection lures you away from home to eccentric times.      

How we help: the most colourful briefings are given by the designers of Essentiel Antwerp. We write press releases about the women's and men's collection that not only summarise the key pieces but introduce you to a whole new world.

Caroline De Cuyper

For happy moments that entice all your senses.  

I want to astonish people. From their very first glance at the room to the very last bite.

How we helped: Caroline's love for tastes, an inspiring interior and her quirky personality result in a captivating concept. We observed her creative process with great interest and held conversations that still linger in our minds. We translated our experiences in a fine selection of words for her brand new website. In collaboration with Joyce Vanhommerig

Annelies Timmermans

Belgian maker of leather handbags and small accessories

Choose well and fill yours with years of memories.

How we helped: soon Annelies will (temporarily) suspend her own label but she remains in our hearts. We helped Annelies by setting out a plan for her social media and writing inspiring posts. Based on our content calendar, she knew exactly when to send out a mailing or press release. We wrote mailings that made her customers happy and press releases with a strong personal touch. 


An independent boutique in Brussels that collects Belgium’s best artisanal sweets.

A crackling sensation of crunchy almonds.      

How we help: we write startling oneliners for special occassions. In collaboration with Wilderzicht who transforms their packaging in true collectibles. 

  Visit website  | Photo: Elisabeth

Visit website | Photo: Elisabeth

  Vist website  | Photo: La Petite Rooze

Vist website | Photo: La Petite Rooze

La Petite Rooze

Belgian brand crocheted jewels, small accessories and luxury handmade crochetwear.

A sustainable approach and passion for craftsmanship are essential in creating  beautiful details.      

How we help: Rita is the beating heart behind La Petite Rooze and a woman with a clear vision. We did not only wrote down her story but continuously help Rita with her communication. We promoted her first baby collection Liena with a personal direct mailing to potential sales points, a blog post and a  social media campaign.


Stylist and an intuitive thinker.

Fashion is a kaleidoscope where the bold and gloomy melt together. I embrace the slow, and dance with the hasty.

How we helped: Anne-sophie radiates style. Each detail is perfectly in place and never over-the-top. We translated her love for fashion, keen eye for trends, sparkling personality and vision into carefully styled words for her website

La fille d'O

Belgian avant-garde lingerie that supports your body, whilst empowering your attitude.

I am not fierce, yet I belong here.

How we help: on request we bring structure to Murielle Victorine Scherre's wordy dreams. We revise the brand's vision behind a collection, press releases, storytelling and more. We do this with great care and respect for her personal writing style. 



Jewellery maker with a passion for storytelling.

I love a 'less-is-more' design in which simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.      

How we helped: Veronique inspired us with her story and her love for craftsmanship. We selected the words for her website as meticulously as she works.

Sofie Dumont

Belgian chef and proud mom who creates tasty recipes for cosy moments.

By means of delicious recipes, I aim to inspire people to create moments of rest and relaxation.

How we helped: we supported Sofie during the launch of her online video recipes. We wrote down her storytelling and set out a content marketing strategy, which we then translated into her social media and mailings. We also used a pinch of online marketing to spread her passion, always staying true to her story.     


Kitchen and living space systems to design your living space. 

Geometric beauty.

How we helped: we highlighted the passion and craftsmanship of the bulthaup branch in Bruges by carefully selecting the right words. After interviewing owners Jan and Jeanne, we crafted their story and some case studies for a special booklet.