Rostekop. Free beer for the redheads.

Publireportage, verschenen op MC1R. (NL/EN) I.s.m. De Barbaren

To honour the redheads in the world owner Jilles d’Hulster – strawberry blond himself – asked the authentic, craft brewery Fort Lapin in Bruges to produce a unique beer, especially for his burger restaurants Jilles Beer & Burgers in Ghent and Bruges. A beer with a red glow and a vivid taste, referring to the fierce personality associated with redheads. The fruity yet spicy hop aroma and slightly bitter aftertaste contribute to the overall character of the beer. What’s more, the three characteristics complement the flavours of the Jilles gourmet, veggie and spitburgers perfectly.

Don’t be mistaken; the beer is no act of vengeance for childhood bullying. The idea makes Jilles laugh. “Yes, I too have been bullied as a child for my red hair, but there is no cross to bear.” Jilles tones down some wild speculations; he simply wants to celebrate and calls everyone to cherish their redheaded friends because they are extraordinary.

Together with design studio De Barbaren – responsible for the branding of Jilles Beer & Burgers – he came up with the name Rostekop (redhead in Flemish dialect). They also created the vintage beer label for the bottles; people are secretly taking home at the end of the night. And there are sure some households where the Rostekop glass is on show as mantel decoration. Clients are eager to get hold of a souvenir, as the local beer is exclusively available in the two restaurants.

Beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem, who pairs beers and burgers wonderfully, is also a big fan. She handpicked every beer on the menu herself and catches you off guard with some remarkable flavour combinations. It’s not just beer and burgers: it’s beer and burgers.

The friendly atmosphere and cosy interior make you feel at home and invite you to stay from lunch ‘till dinner, from dinner ‘till closing time. Once you enter Jilles Beer & Burgers there’s no place to run to, not anymore. The use of solid wood and cold-rolled steel creates an authentic feel to last and reminds of roaring twenties interiors. “The overall experience is just as important as enjoying a good meal.”

At Jilles Beer & Burgers everyone is welcome to enjoy a nice quality Angus or veggie burger – with or without beer. But remember: only the natural fiery redheads are spoiled with a free bottle of Rostekop beer. Cheers.

Fotografie: © De Barbaren

Illustration by: stillebliksem