Lovestain. With great attention to detail.

Lovestain. With great attention to detail.

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Lovestain is Stijn Van Doorslaer, that’s me. Freelance brand designer at heart and Creneau. I believe in the strength of simple designs with great attention to detail. Always.

I spend most of my free time enjoying life: sports, family fun, good food and music. I made sure De Sladerij looks as good as it tastes – trust me, my girlfriend’s salads are better than yours. And, as one half of Dauw & SchemeringI bring emotion to the beat.

A good identity gives your brand meaning and engages your audience. I create clear visual identities, logos, letterings and design websites with focus on the core of your business. From local shops to international companies, I work directly with you and unite a team according to your needs.


Fotografie: © Stijn Van Doorslaer

Illustration by: stillebliksem