La fille d’o. I am not fierce, yet I belong here.

La fille d’o. I am not fierce, yet I belong here.

M: Katrien, today is a perfectly bad day. All the things I had to do were lost between the hours rumbling on and I already cried so much I gave up trying to look presentable. I blame it on the planets alignment even though I have no clue what that might be.
I saw your mail some days ago. Timing is right to dive in. I follow your lead.

K: Dear Murielle, remember summer 2015? For the first time I reached out to the woman who I felt intimidated by; something you won’t apologise for. “When you feel small it gives you the best perspective of exactly how tall you can be.” your answer was.

M: I still don’t get it. Intimidation. It’s like a compliment that expels me from the game all at once. And you know I want in. I want all of it. You have no idea how grateful I am you walked into the ring of fire with me like you did. Imagine being and staying intimidated. It’s the beginning of a story that has no right to be written. You broke that spell. Now we can talk. Now I am human. Now I can be what I really am and not what you think I am.

Intimidation is a feeling disguised as a result. Something I cause upon you. In reality it is a monologue of fear.

I am not even involved in this story. This time you reached out. Beyond fear. And I am grateful. Now we can meet.

Brief 01.
Briefwisseling tussen Murielle Victorine Scherre van la fille d’O & Stille Bliksem

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Fotografie: © aultre ne veulx estre

Illustration by: stillebliksem