La fille d’O. Postcard conversation.

Postkaartconversatie met Murielle Scherre. (EN)

You move me,
yet I’ve been without words for weeks.

“There is a river in me”, she sings.
It must be true, I need to flow too,
burn down the obstacles
built on fear and expectations.

I am not a reservoir.
This is not what I want.
This is not where I belong.

I have been counting.
Wanting to see you.

The past year
I have been going through a growth spurt.
I feel an energy, like no other.

This is an exciting time
and I’m just getting started.

I am going on a journey
and there a few good people
taking me beyond.

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Collage: © Katrien Meermans
Fotografie: © aultre ne veulx estre

Illustration by: stillebliksem