Essentiel Antwerp. Harbour chic.

Persbericht. (NL/EN/FR)

This fall Essentiel sails away to a vibrant harbour town where the bon vivants of the world meet. They love the feel of the ocean, the taste of champagne and getting caught in the rain. They are trapped in the tropical haze of Essentiel’s latest fall collection.

A sailor’s dream

Flamboyant flowers and prints welcome you to Essentiel’s latest daydream. They appear on pleated skirts, wide trousers and breezy shirts and make your outfit perfect for a day date. Once the sun goes down they darken in jacquard skirts and jackets, ready for fall. Floral pleated lace skirts and dresses add class to your day and evening look.

The main character of this collection is an octopus showing his warm embrace on dresses, t-shirts, silk scarves and colourful kimonos. These kimonos are not meant to stay at home but to make a glamorous and feminine entree everywhere you go.

Mondain tomboys wear mock shirts – with hints of a leopard print – under their t-shirts and bomber jackets that reflect the moonlighted sea. Smoking hot jackets, wide-leg trousers and a sailor’s silk scarf are the finishing touch of this Garçonne look.

Marine stripes get a contemporary make-over in a high-waist pencil skirt that you will wear from the promenade to the office. A sailor’s coat in dark blue keeps you warm while waving summer goodbye.

Yet for those who moored their ships in for a full load of fun Essentiel takes out her washed off jeans, slouchy rainbow gilets and jumpers and sweaters with lurex or spangles.


Harbour chic is how to call Essentiel’s accessories this fall. Purses, hats and shoes come in autumnal colours but with shiny flowers that remind you of summer. Velvet in high and low with romantic platform sandals – also cute with a nice pair of socks – and moccasins for relaxed classicism. The shoe lace faux-fur poms already hint to Essentiel’s winter collection and promise coziness in style.

Ontdek de Fall 2017 collectie van Essentiel Antwerp.

Fotografie: © Essentiel Antwerp

Illustration by: stillebliksem